Selling stanton just got even more exciting!

As an industry leader in style and design, Stanton knows that our product might sometimes sell itself…BUT those sales are more often attributed to knowledgeable RSA’s who love our brands, have confidence in the quality of our products, depend on our elevated level of customer service and value our partnership. We recognize the vital role that YOU, the retail sales associate plays in selling our products and are excited to share that.

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Welcome to the Stanton Rewards Program!

The Stanton Rewards program is designed to inspire, excite and most importantly reward you for your critical role supporting the sales of our luxury soft and hard surface brands.

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Rewarding a

The partnership with our Retail Sales Associates is an important one and we value your support. Your continued loyalty plays a critical role in our mutual success and we want to reward you for choosing Stanton time and time again.

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The entire program is managed online through The website provides everything you need including the program criteria, dashboards to track progress on sales performance and a view of cash/rewards point earned. It’s easy to navigate and full of rewards offers you can set goals to achieve.

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This program is fully sponsored by Stanton. There is NO COST to you or your company to participate.

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Why enroll in the


Stanton is designed to Sell! We have so many beautiful and decorative products for you to sell and earn higher margin dollars.

Enrolling is

Visit to set up your account and start earning! There is no limit to your earnings potential. The more you sell, the more you earn!

Reward Points or Cash

  • Our rewards catalog is incredibly comprehensive and includes trips, big ticket items and just about anything your heart might desire! You can also choose a reloadable debit card option if cash is your preference.
  • Your account dashboard will summarize your dollars or points earned, track your progress toward goals that you set, as well as publish any rewards that you have been funded to date.
  • You will be notified via email when points have been added to your account.

Record Keeping

We will be recording your daily sales of qualifying products on orders placed through as well as through your sales reps or customer service. You will have to include your Stanton Rewards RSA email at checkout on the B2B to track your orders. If you are calling into customer service, you will be asked to supply your Stanton Rewards RSA email as well. Your sales are automatically converted to reward points or dollars earned on


  • The Stanton Rewards program includes all of our residential and commercial soft and hard surface brands. (Antrim, Rosecore, Crescent, Hibernia, Stanton, Atelier, Cavan, Stanton Street, Stanton DWF, Floors 2000)

Join the Program. Get the Rewards.

Promotional Earnings Offers

From time to time we’ll be running promotional periods on particular categories, brands and/or products for the opportunity to earn additional points or cash.

Points or cash rewards do not expire so you can redeem at any time you like!

You will be asked to opt-in by confirming vital program information. This data is necessary to enroll in the platform but will NOT be shared or used in any other way than to support this program. If the opt in process is not completed with all the data needed, you will not be enrolled in the program.

We are excited to continue to grow our business together and hope that you are just as excited to get started earning rewards with Stanton!

Join the Program. Get the Rewards.

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